Expert Tips for Women Buying the Perfect Handgun

Purchasing a handgun can be a daunting task, especially for women who may be unfamiliar with firearms.

My Daughter's Experience at DIVA - WOW Outdoor Spring Clinic

In late March, my family and I had the pleasure of attending an exciting event - DIVA's Spring Outdoor Sports Clinic, organized by a group of enthusiastic and empowering women.

Spring 2023 Concealed Carry Fashion Trends You Want To Know

The market for concealed carry products is continuously evolving. New and improved products are frequently hitting the market, with materials and designs becoming better and better both in terms of comfort and safety.

Three Women's 2A Activism Groups We Support

As female gun owners and 2A advocates, we highly suggest getting involved in organizations that advocate for women's Second Amendment rights.

Color of the Year + Concealed Carry

We've been in the Magentaverse for a while and are so excited that this is the color of the year!

What's In Our Range Bag?

When it comes to a good day at the shooting range, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of having the right items in your range bag.

Issues You Might Be Unprepared For When Carrying a Firearm

If you’re new to the world of concealed carry, chances are you come into it with a certain amount of preconceptions. Even if you’ve been around guns for years, the decision to carry comes with...

Overcome Your Fear of Carrying a Firearm

Here's our top recommendations to build confidence if you think you're ready to conceal carry.

Women of the Gun Reception

The top moment this year at Shot Show was the Women of the Gun Reception.  Project Childsafe put together a reception on the third day of Shot Show that pulls all of the women in the firearm industry...