Why the Mid-States Show is a Must-Visit for the Kinsey Rhea Customers

Why the Mid-States Show is a Must-Visit for the Kinsey Rhea Customers

Why the Mid-States Show is a Must-Visit for the Kinsey Rhea Customers

We're excited to let you in on a little secret. Recently, Kinsey Rhea made a special appearance at the Mid-States Show in San Antonio, Texas and we had a fantastic time.

The Mid-States Show calls themselves the "heart and soul of farm, fleet and home." For our team at Kinsey Rhea, this show holds a special place in our hearts, thanks in no small part to the the incredible attendees and vendors that attend year after year.

Here's why you should be as excited about the Mid-States Show as we are:

Friendly Buyers

We love sharing our line-up of concealed carry products with buyers who are genuinely passionate about concealed carry and personal protection.

Their positivity and excitement over our products leads to new partnerships and productive interactions - and puts our products on store shelves so you can touch and feel before you buy.

Stay Ahead with the Latest Products

At the show, our team gets the chance to get check out the latest products not just within our niche, but also within the wider farm and fleet space.

This lets us stay on top of industry pace-setters and emerging trends, so we can continue to bring you the most innovative and reliable products.

Exclusive Retailer Presence

Whether you're from the city or live in more rural areas of the country, farm and fleet stores are a fantastic place to find well-priced and unique products.

If you're in a small town, chances are it's the only large retailer in the area.

This singular presence makes these stores a great place for us to interact with a diverse range of customers–like you!

Catering to our Female Shoppers

Our dedication to enhancing the shopping experience for our female customers, especially those seeking concealed carry pieces, is one of our core values.

We appreciate and understand the unique requirements of our clientele and work relentlessly to make sure our products meet your preferences and safety needs.

Our participation in the Mid-States Show is a big deal for us. Not only does it underline our strong commitment to the concealed carry merchandise industry, but this event also serves as an excellent platform to meet and understand your needs better as our customer.

Shows like these make it possible for us to continue serving you with high-quality products and standout experiences.