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Locking concealed carry handbags from Kinsey Rhea

Locking Designer Bag Insert

Coming Soon: Kinsey Rhea Concealed Carry Purse Insert - Kinsey Rhea

Concealed Carry Purse Insert$45.00 USD

Now you can outfit any purse with a locking concealed carry pocket and organizer, built with our trademark craftsmanship.

The Kinsey Rhea Story

How KR is changing the concealed carry industry for the sake of women everywhere.

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We believe a safer world for women begins by equipping and educating for self-defense. Get the latest resources and help us build a gun-safe world.


Women deserve to be able to protect themselves as they see fit. … These [handbags are] so great - it’s really appealing to me! ... This is genius… We love women entrepreneurs.