Kinsey Rhea Went To Another Shot Show!

Kinsey Rhea Went To Another Shot Show!
Our team has recently been traveling to different trade shows - some where we were showcasing our newest line of products, set to debut in Fall 2024. It also gives our team a chance to network with others in our industry.
A few weeks ago, we attended Shot Show, one of the largest trade shows for the firearm industry. We only had one day to spare, so we made the most of it!
Shot Show is an annual trade show primarily catering to professionals in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industries. It serves as a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest products, innovations, and technologies related to firearms, outdoor sports, and related accessories.
Industry leaders like Kinsey Rhea attend Shot Show to stay abreast of the latest trends, network with other professionals, and explore potential business opportunities.
shot show 2024 interior floor exhibit
For Kinsey Rhea, attending Shot Show provides invaluable insights into emerging technologies and market trends, allowing us to enhance their product offerings and maintain our position as leaders in the concealed carry industry.
Our primary objective was to partake in the Women and the Gun reception hosted by Project ChildSafe. This annual event holds immense significance for us as it underscores our unwavering dedication to firearm safety and the empowerment of women within our community. We can't wait to share more from this event so stay tuned!
Read our blog post from last years Women and the Gun Reception.

Despite our constrained schedule, we managed to carve out precious time to traverse the expansive showroom floor. What truly captivated us was the relentless stream of technological innovations geared towards bolstering safety.
It's noteworthy that these advancements extend beyond traditional personal safety to encompass the realm of cyber safety, showcasing the industry's commitment to holistic security.
Bearing witness to the unveiling of cutting-edge products designed to safeguard both physical and virtual well-being was profoundly inspiring. These groundbreaking solutions are paving the path towards a safer future, adeptly addressing the ever-evolving challenges of our modern world.
While Shot Show is synonymous with firearms, it also serves as a vibrant hub for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The diverse array of new products showcased for archery and shooting enthusiasts was nothing short of exhilarating, accentuating the dynamic nature of the industry.
Immersed in the vibrant energy of the event, we were overwhelmed by the exponential growth of the industry. The palpable passion and dedication exhibited by both exhibitors and attendees reaffirmed the thriving essence of the firearms and outdoor sports sector.
Our day at Shot Show was an extraordinary testament to the transformative power of innovation and collaboration within the industry. It left me eagerly anticipating the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Check out our Gun Safety Resource page for more information on everything gun safety and our partnership with Project ChildSafe.