Women of the Gun Reception

a black and white portrait of a woman holding a gun

The top moment this year at Shot Show was the Women of the Gun ReceptionProject Childsafe put together a reception on the third day of Shot Show that pulls all of the women in the firearm industry together.  


This event truly showed us the incredible power of the female firearm community. We saw women united in their desire to share knowledge in firearm training and safety. Though we entered the room not knowing anyone, we left feeling like we had just had dinner with a group of old friends. This is a testament to the impact women have in the firearm industry.


Project Childsafe put together a heart-touching program on mental health awareness and the role that the firearm industry needs to play in suicide prevention. The feedback from the room after the program made it clear that women are ready to use their power and influence to spread awareness and support social programs that impact the most vulnerable in our society. 


During the event I spotted a group wearing Texas flag bling cowboy hats and instantly knew they were from our home state. That was when we meet Judy Rhodes, founder of DIVA- Womens Outdoor Worldwide Organization. We learned more about their organization and the events that they host for female outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. By the end of the night, Ashley (our founder) had enrolled her oldest daughter in the youth firearm safety course they offer near our home in Dallas. 


We were blown away and encouraged by the friendship, camaraderie and unity that was on display between the women in the firearm industry at this event. Kinsey Rhea is built on the idea that women support other women. Being in that room showed us that we’re not alone in that - there was no competition, no animosity. Instead, we saw women rise up and support each other's endeavors for the greater good of all female outdoor and firearm enthusiasts. 


They do not feel the need to compete with each other, but instead they rise up and support each other's endeavors for the greater good of all female outdoor enthusiasts.


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