How to Buy and Wear a Belt

How to Buy and Wear a Belt

Yes, we’re definitely still a concealed carry tactical gear company - but did you know we also make a Muddy Girl belt?

Like most women, we like to have the accessories to match our bags and elevate our outfit, so we created a Muddy Girl belt years ago and it is still one of our top sellers!


kinsey rhea muddy girl bling belt


How to Find Your Belt Size

If you’ve never been measured for a belt, figuring out your size can be a challenge. Here is a quick tutorial on how to find your belt size. We put the measurements of our belts on the product pages of each one, so you can easily order the right size.


  1. Measure Your Waist Size

    Using a measuring tape is the best way to get an accurate measurement to determine your proper belt size. Simply thread a soft tape measure through your pant loops (or wrap it around the waistband of your pants), fixing the ends together where your belt would most comfortably fit. This measurement will give you the right length in inches for how long your belt should be. You can also consult a belt sizing chart to see the correct size for a belt according to your waist measurement.


  1. Measure an Existing Belt

    Lay your current belt on a flat surface, and measure the length of the belt from the notch you use to where the end of the belt meets the buckle, rounding to the nearest inch.


  1. Add Inches to Your Pants Size

    As a general rule of thumb, you can get the perfect belt size by taking your waist measurement size and adding two inches.


kinsey rhea muddy girl stylish bling belt with rhinestones


Belts can be more than a functional fashion accessory that hold up your pants. The Kinsey Rhea Muddy Girl Bling belt

  1. Was designed to enhance your silhouette.  By accentuating your waist it can add structure to clothing that you are wearing.
  2. Adds a fun pop of color and pattern.
  3. Makes a statement.  In the case of our Muddy Girl Bling Belt, it is like an added piece of jewelry around your waist.


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