Shot Show 2023 Recap

Shot Show 2023 Recap

Last week, Kinsey Rhea traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the NSSF: Shot Show. The NSSF, National Shooting Sports Foundation puts on the Shot Show at the Palazzo Sands Convention Center each January and we couldn't have been happier about our experience. It is THE outdoor shooting sports event of the year. 

The show attendance is massive and includes everything you can imagine pertaining to firearms. From guns to ammunition, outdoor shooting ranges, and all the way to armor gear that the military uses in combat. This massive event allows you to see so many different products under one roof.  

This year, Kinsey Rhea did not have a booth, but instead we took the time to meet with individuals and be a part of the Women and a Gun Reception hosted by Project Childsafe, which is a truly an amazing event that deserves a recap in its own blog (coming soon.)

Our focus was to listen to the latest news in 2A legislation, see what new products geared towards women were coming out on the market and see what the upcoming market trends are.

We attended the governors forum where we were able to listen to governors from 7 states with pro-2A legislation, speak about outdoor shooting sports in their states. No, Governor Dutton wasn’t there, but the real life Montana Governor Greg Gianforte spoke about the new constitutional carry laws in the state of Montana.

Then we headed to the convention floor to view the latest products for 2023. We were blown away with Vaultek's newest safe that is a combination- safe, phone charger and alarm clock. The reps at the Glock booth were on fire with information on how women should choose a firearm.  

In conclusion, the Shot Show was a great way to start the year immersed in everything related to the firearm industry together under one roof. You can catch our daily recaps of the show on our Instagram.


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