What Size Handgun Fits in my Kinsey Rhea Purse?

Kinsey Rhea Concealed Carry Handbag

When Choosing the Right Bag for Concealed Carry

Recently, we discussed the specifications of the Kinsey Rhea concealed carry pocket on our blog. Our concealed carry purses are equipped with a reversible holster designed to fit securely into the concealed carry pocket.

One common question we receive is regarding the compatibility of different handgun sizes with the holster provided in the Kinsey Rhea purses.

If you are unfamiliar with the standard terms used to describe gun sizes, we have an informational blog that explains the various sizes.

The holster in our purses accommodates nearly all semi-automatic handguns and fits snugly in the concealed carry pocket.

The pocket design incorporates strips of Velcro that securely hold the holster in place, ensuring the handgun remains secure.

Our holster acts as a glove, holding the handgun firmly in place within the pocket, yet allowing for easy retrieval when needed.

To provide a visual understanding of the different gun sizes our holsters can accommodate, consider the following example.

The primary distinction lies in where the holster sits on the grip and how much of the handgun it covers.


Full Size Handgun

full sized handgun perfect for women

Compact Handgun

compact handgun perfect for womens concealed carry purses

Subcompact Handgun

subcompact handgun perfect for womens concealed carry purses

Micro Handgun

micro handgun perfect for womens concealed carry purses


Find your ideal handgun at one of our favorite online stores, and while you're at it, you're probably going to need a concealed carry purse to go along with it!