SHOT SHOW: Woman and a Gun 2024 Recap

Shot Show Women of the Gun Reception Recap
Every year, Project Childsafe put together a reception on the third day of Shot Show that pulls all of the women in the firearm industry together. 

This unique event brings together women from across the firearm industry, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among us. It's truly a treat to unite with fellow women who represent a diverse array of organizations within the industry.

At the event we were able to connect with women in outdoor sports, media, 2A activism, leading professionals in shooting sports, plus many more.
At the reception, we had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about key issues facing our industry today. From safety measures to advocacy efforts, the conversations were enlightening and inspiring.
One of the most memorable moments was meeting Lexi Lagan, a member of the US Olympic Shooting Team. Chatting with Lexi and witnessing her dedication to her craft was incredibly motivating. It is women like Lexi, that I encourage my girls to look up to. Our family will be cheering her on this summer as she heads to the Paris Olympics.
Also during the event, I was able to connect with friends from the Diva WOW group.
DIVA WOW is a community of women that enjoy outdoor shooting sports together. My daughter and I had an opportunity to attend one of their events last spring and look forward to attending this past year.
Cheering on fellow women making a difference, both on and off the range, fills me with pride and excitement. The Women and a Gun reception epitomizes the strength and resilience of women in the firearm community, and I am grateful to be part of such an empowering event.
I encourage everyone to find a community where they feel connected and supported, regardless of any apprehensions about the firearm industry.
Here at Kinsey Rhea, we celebrate and highlight the remarkable women we meet along the way, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.