How to Choose the Right Concealed-Carry Purse for You

Kinsey Rhea Muddy Girl Satchel Purse

Woman drawing from the KR Muddy Girl concealed-carry handbag

Carrying Safely

Women who carry - be it mace, a taser or a firearm - face a critical question every time they leave the house armed: How do I safely carry personal protection, and have quick access in an emergency?

It’s undisputed that the quickest and easiest method for drawing your weapon is from an open-carry holster.

However, unless you are a peace officer, or in a situation where open-carry is appropriate, most of us want a concealed-carry solution for our day-to-day protection.

While there are some excellent concealed-carry holsters, garters and even leggings on the market, they limit both the type of clothing and the type of firearm you can carry comfortably.

Most regular purses are not designed to be used as concealed-carry bags, nor are they made specifically to conceal a loaded firearm safely.

With many different concealed-carry purse options on the market, it’s imperative to find the right one for you. Personal style is a huge consideration for all of us, but falls far short of other considerations.

Woman drawing from the faux leather KR shoulder bag.

How We Pick a Concealed-Carry Bag 

First and foremost, when shopping for a concealed-carry bag, look at reviews from other gun owners.

Check out the company behind the bag - is it woman owned and designed? Are the founders gun owners, or use other forms of personal protection routinely?

Next, check to see whether the bags have safety features like locking zippers, how the gun compartment is accessed and what other features you might want, like metal buckles over plastic.

What’s the weight limit (if any?) Are they recommending only small caliber pistols be used, or will this work for your favorite Ruger®


Practice Practice Practice

Once your new bag arrives, the next and most important step is to hit the range with your bag and your weapon.

Whether it’s a firearm or not, you need to be able to draw your weapon quickly and easily no matter how it’s concealed.

Practicing with any new concealed-carry bag, holster or garter takes time to gain confidence and speed.

As gun owners and concealed-carry permit holders ourselves, we take personal protection very seriously.


At Kinsey Rhea

We design purses we love and use personally. Each bag is tested by women with extensive firearm training, who shoot frequently and carry almost daily.

Our goal is to empower women to safely and confidently handle whatever life throws their way. If you have questions about buying a concealed-carry purse, please reach out to us and we’d love to answer your questions.

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