Rebrand & New Product Announcement!

Kinsey Rhea Rebrand

Photo of the new Faux Leather Kinsey Rhea concealed-carry shoulder bag.

Along with our recent rebrand, Kinsey Rhea is launching a whole new product line for women wanting stylish, durable bags that keep them organized and confident, whether they are carrying or not.


The Kinsey Rhea Story

When founders Diana Kinsey and her daughter Ashley Malfitano launched Kinsey Rhea back in 2014, it was in part because they couldn’t find just the right concealed-carry purse for themselves.

After teaming up with Muddy Girl® as their exclusive vendor of bags and accessories, KR launched their first series of concealed-carry bags, travel gear and accessories.

After a wildly successful launch, their line of concealed-carry Muddy Girl® bags became the go-to for women who needed an affordable bag that supported their country girl lifestyle whether they were carrying or not.

In January of 2020, Diana and Ashely felt that it was time to expand the line as more women from all walks of life were getting their License to Carry (LTC) in their home state of Texas.

Their vision was to provide the same easy-draw, highly organized features in their Muddy Girl® bags that women had come to love in other, more subtle finishes like durable faux leather.

The expanded line up includes new purses and accessories, and more of our tried-and-true favorite pieces in updated Muddy Girl® prints.

Over the last two years, Diana, Ashley and their team have worked to re-imagine what Kinsey Rhea could be to strong, independent women everywhere.


From our updated logo to our new products, every aspect of the Kinsey Rhea brand has been crafted to help women stylishly organize their busy lives, whether they’re carrying or not, and feel ready for whatever life throws their way.


Woman drawing a firearm from KR's new black faux leather with magenta lining.

About our Brand Refresh

During our brand refresh, we wanted to capture that sentiment, as well as clearly communicate our brand values. You’ll find little touches on our new products, and on our social media.

Our new logo features our monogram with two very subtle, yet important, features.

First, we place the letters back-to-back, forming a Roman numeral two, signifying our support of the second amendment and our right to bear arms.

Secondly, we hid a shotgun shell between the II, symbolizing both concealed-carry and our women who bring our backpacks and duffle bags with them when they hunt.

Our new expanded color palette includes different shades of our signature pink. We chose to line our bags with a luxuriously soft satin in our signature KR Pink, giving us that pop of powerful feminine color every time we open the zipper.


Goal of Kinsey Rhea

Our hope for the Kinsey Rhea woman is that she feels empowered, put together, organized and ready at all times.

Whether you use your concealed carry pocket for your favorite non-lethal personal protection or your go-to firearm, we know you’ll love our new line up.

Our new product line is available now!

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