Staying Safe On a Night Out: 5 Tips For Women

A woman drinking a beverage at a bar

It’s Friday night. Time to let down your hair, relax, and have some fun with your besties.

But first, what about safety?

It’s true; no one likes to think about safety when all you want to do is go out and have fun. But unfortunately, violence against women is a reality in today’s world. How can you ensure that everyone remains safe and still has a great time?

Here are five simple guidelines for a safe night out.


Stay Together

Use the buddy system everywhere, whether on the public transportation or just walking up to the bar to order another round. At the end of the evening, be sure that no one walks to their cars alone. Wait to make sure that each person gets inside her home safely at the end of the night.

While it may put a damper on your fun, it’s important to choose a designated driver, who makes sure that everyone in your group gets home without incident. If at least one member of your group is sober, this can help deter predators who might try to take advantage.


Pay Attention To Your Drinks

You might not realize it, but that beer or cocktail you carelessly left on the table to get up and dance with your friends is a target. Would-be criminals can easily slip a drug into your drink without anyone noticing.

Lately, the practice of drugging women at bars in order to take advantage of them has become more common. To prevent this from happening, be sure to take your drink with you everywhere you go. If you must leave it unattended, just buy a new drink. Yes, this can make for a more expensive evening out, but it’s well worth the added layer of protection.


Recognize the Signs of Being Drugged

A number of “date rape drugs” exist which, if administered in a beverage, can cause the person who drinks it to become drowsy or even incapacitated.

Some of these common drugs include Quaaludes, GHB, and rohypnol (“roofies”). In some cases, if this has happened, you might notice a change in the appearance of your drink, especially if it looks too bubbly or changes color. But in most cases, you won’t notice a difference at all, until the effects of the drug hit you. If this happens, get to a hospital right away. If no one can drive you there, call an ambulance.


Drink Responsibly

It would be great if women could just enjoy a few drinks without having to worry about the predatory actions of others. Sadly, this is not the case.

When you’re intoxicated, it makes it more difficult to get out of a tough situation, or to exercise enough vigilance to prevent them from happening in the first place. So know your limits; don’t consume alcohol to excess, and don’t compromise yourself even more by using other drugs along with it.

Studies have shown that men who are drinking alcohol tend to behave more aggressively, especially if they have a feeling of being provoked. Therefore, you want to be sure that you’re in a state of mind where you are able to control your surroundings and safely escape a situation before it comes dangerous.


Bring The Right Protection

Of course our go-to self defense tool is to have a concealed carry on you at all times, but when there are certain bars that won’t allow firearms inside, there are plenty of substitute options to keep you safe.

A small canister of pepper spray is an essential item for any woman headed out for a night of fun. It’s highly effective and can incapacitate an attacker without making any physical contact. A small pocket knife is also easy to carry with you and can be potentially lethal in a hand-to-hand struggle with an assailant, so it’s a good self-defense item to make sure you have in your bag, as well.

In addition, one of our favorite and most affordable self defense tools that are consistently in our bags is the new equalizer self defense keychain from Sheels. It’s seemingly harmless and extremely minimal, making it easily accessible at any moment.


It can be a dangerous world out there for women. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have fun. A little attention and vigilance can go a long way.