NBS Show Recap

kinsey rhea owners at NBS show

After 2 years of hard work, our newest Kinsey Rhea purses have arrived - the Maddie Concealed Carry Purse and the Rissa Concealed Carry Crossbody.

The response has been overwhelming, and we’re thrilled to make these products available on our website, and at local retailers.

We’re working to get these in stores because we believe accessories for women that concealed carry are underrepresented in the market. 

We want more retail stores to have larger sections of their store dedicated to products for women who carry. In order to achieve this we have started showing our products at wholesale markets.  

The NBS Show (also known as the National Best Sports Show) was our first stop.  During their recent August market we had the opportunity to set up a booth and showcase our new products. The experience truly was amazing, as we met so many great people in the gun and sports industry.

We wanted to highlight some of the great things that we show at the show. 

Vaultek Safe

Vaultek had a booth right across from ours.  So during slow times we would visit the neighboring booths and venders easily become your friends after being next to each other for three days. 

Vaultek has state of the art- biometric safes that make accessing your valuables or handgun a quick process.  Ashley, the founder of Kinsey Rhea, had the opportunity see a product demonstration on the RS800i Smart Modular Storage Safe and was instantly blown away by the high tech features on this safe.

Springfield Armory

Often we get asked what handguns fit in our concealed carry pockets, and the answer is most 9mm handguns will fit. 

During the show our team had the chance to visit with Springfield Armory to see their “Hellcat” micro-compact handgun would fit in our new concealed carry bags. 

It fits perfectly in the custom holsters that come with each of our concealed carry purses, and fit comfortably in the concealed carry pocket.

Premier Body Armor

Our team is always looking for the newest and innovative trends in the market and how we need to adapt them into our designs. 

We met with the team behind Premier Body Armor and already started  brainstorming future designs or inserts for concealed carry purses in the way of protection. 

Let's just say we already have some designs being prototyped out could be the first in forms of not just concealed carry but a form of protection, too. We’re excited to see where this leads! 

Overall, the show was a huge success and we walked away with new friends and partners. We love finding new and unique ways to be involved in our industry and can’t wait to see where things go!

Check out our concealed carry products and let us know what you think.