Spring 2023 Concealed Carry Fashion Trends You Want To Know

Spring 2023 Concealed Carry Fashion Trends You Want To Know

Spring 2023 Concealed Carry Fashion Trends

Women's concealed carry trends for Spring 2023 focus on providing options for carrying firearms.

We're seeing a rise in clothing, or purses, jackets or coats, pants or skirts with hidden pockets, and garments with built-in holsters. These options allow for discreet and easy access to firearms while on the move.

The market for concealed carry products is continuously evolving. New and improved products are frequently hitting the market, with materials and designs becoming better and better both in terms of comfort and safety.

As responsible LTC holders, it's essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and advancements to ensure the most effective and efficient way of carrying a firearm.

What's On Our Radar

When it comes to the best concealed carry guns for women, the Walther 4 PDP Compact is a popular choice, according to gun experts. Other reputable brands include Palmetto State Armory, Guns.com, Sportsmans Warehouse, and EuroOptic

In the area of concealed carry purses, Kinsey Rhea is continuing to break barriers by adding new more classical purse designs for women that fit their favorite weapon and their style.

Fashion trends in apparel for women in Spring 2023 include a return to simplicity with silver hues, and purple tones. The focus is on everyday dressing and comfort. 

One of our favorite on-body concealed carry brands is Alexo Athletic. They offer durable, comfortable concealed carry workout gear that is fashionable enough to wear on a daily basis.

Safety First

It's essential to remember that the most important factor when carrying a firearm is safety. Women should prioritize attending training courses and obtaining necessary licenses to carry a firearm legally and responsibly.

Overall, the concealed carry trends for Spring 2023 focus on discreet and convenient options for carrying firearms, with an emphasis on safety and responsibility.

Whatever you use to for concealed carry, make sure you wear it to the range for practice!

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