Our 4 Favorite Gun Safety Solutions

Kinsey Rhea Concealed Carry Bag


It’s no secret we’re passionate about the right to own and carry a firearm. 

We’re equally passionate about gun safety - and that includes properly storing firearms at home. 

Gun safety goes beyond how to handle a firearm - it’s knowing how to keep your weapon out of the wrong hands. Keep Em’ Safe Texas has a downloadable checklist and highlights the 1-2-3s of safe gun storage: 

  1. Store unloaded and secured by using a trigger lock, biometric lock, strong box, gun cabinet or gun safe. 
  2. Store and lock ammunition separately and safely. 
  3. Keep others from getting access to stored firearms - including friends, family, children or visitors. 

With so many options out there, including cable, trigger or biometric locks, simple cases or safes, it’s hard to know what to pick.

For different protection needs, there are many different solutions. We love the following lockboxes and safes! 



A picture of a GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Series

GunVault SpeedVault Handgun Safe $200

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We love everything GunVault makes, but we are particularly impressed with the SV500 SpeedVault. This is a fantastic solution for storing your concealed carry handgun while at home.

With multiple mounting options, interior foam, and lockout mode, this model gives us confidence that we can access protection, while keeping our family and friends safe from accidental access. Please note this box holds one handgun at 6” or less. 


  • Compact safe with a dropdown door
  • Various mountain options
  • Internal light incase you need to access at night
  • Access in 2 seconds
  • Button noise can be turned off



A photo of the Fort Knox FTK gun safe

Fort Knox FTK-PB $300

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For storing more than one gun, or storage in a drawer, we like the Fort Knox FTK-PB. This traditional lockbox weighs 20 lbs, and is surprisingly spacious - and can be opened in 1.5 seconds with practice.

We love that we can store more than one firearm in this box, and that it’s slim enough to be stored under the seat in the car. 

Features :

  • Simplex lock - mechanical buttons
  • Access in 1.5 seconds
  • American Made
  • No noise
  • 20 pounds - heavy for small box
  • Spacious for a small box




Image of the RPNB Gun Safe

RPNB - RP4060 $90

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For a budget-friendly, travel friendly option, we love the RP4060. This little box is big enough to store more than just your handgun, and great store in your vehicle.

While not as heavy-duty as the FTK-PB, it’s still a great table top gun box. We like that the lid pops up automatically when you open it, making it even easier to access your weapon in an emergency. 


  • Portable and roomy
  • Sleek design
  • Two full size handguns
  • Silence mode
  • Key, card, and keypad



 The Agile Ultralight 52 gun safe.

Agile Ultralight  Model 52 Pro - $1,000

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Need something bigger, but aren’t ready to invest in a traditional large, heavy safe? Check out the Agile’s Model 52.

This lightweight, highly configurable safe keeps your collection beautifully organized and secure.

While it won’t give you quick access in an emergency, we love it for storing our hunting rifles and firearms we don’t carry daily. 


  • Ulta Lightweight 
  • Extremely universal and well-organized
  • Complete control of setup based on personal preference 
  • Bolt to wall or floor


Bottom Line 

Responsible gun owners store their firearms safely at all times. Practice drawing from your storage solution just like you would your concealed carry solution so you feel safe no matter what. 


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