Gun Safety: How (And Why) To Make a Plan

Black handgun on table

We sat down with our co-founder, Ashley Malfitano, to discuss the importance of gun safety.

Our key takeaway was that gun safety is an ongoing conversation and evaluation with the other adults in your home.

Every gun owner is responsible for creating a storage plan that keeps themselves and others safe - including safe from firearms stored in their home.

Everyone’s plan will look different because every home and family make up is unique. What’s important is that you have a safety plan and follow it without fail. 


Interview With The Expert 

KR: Tell us about your own safety plan. 

Ashley: Because we have two busy, working parents and three young girls in our home, our safety plan is designed to keep our kids and guests safe. We’re also able to ensure we have access to our defensive weapons if our home is threatened.

Thanks to modern technology, our gun storage system is set up so our defensive guns are both accessible and incredibly secure. Our hunting rifles and other firearms are stored in less accessible storage, and only removed for cleaning or use.   

KR: How did you come up with your plan?

Ashley: Both my husband and I have our own collection and interests in guns, so it’s vital to have a collaborative approach on where and how guns are stored.

We consistently evaluate our storage solutions, and check in routinely to make sure we’re on the same page.  


KR: Why is it so important to be on the same page?

Ashley: Every unintentional shooting is preventable. As a responsible gun owner, I’m deeply committed to gun safety in all situations. As a mom, I never want to second guess the safety of my children.

In our home my husband and I have conversations on where and how our guns are stored, and when they can be pulled out of storage. 

This takes away the constant worry of a gun being left out where it could be easily accessible. It also lets us know where the guns are stored should we need to access them quickly. 


KR: What else do you want us to know about safe storage? 

Ashley: Safe storage begins before you ever buy a gun. Never purchase a gun without the ability to store it safely.

Keep in mind that kids are curious by nature, and fully capable of climbing to the top of your closet, or digging through your unlocked drawers.

Children and teens - even those who are learning to use firearms safely - should never be given unsupervised access.

Also, don’t share your safe combination with anyone, ever, for any reason. This includes your kids and guests. 

Lastly, safe storage isn’t just about access, it also keeps your firearms clean and ready for use - which prevents weapons malfunctions. 


In Conclusion

We enjoyed learning from Ashley about the importance of safe storage. Safe storage is a huge part of being a responsible, empowered gun owner.

Be sure that you know how to use and clean your gun.

Guns should be stored unloaded, in a locked and secure location. We strongly recommend taking gun safety classes, and practicing regularly. 

If you are thinking of purchasing, or already own a concealed carry purse for daily carry, it’s important to remember that your purse is not a secure storage solution.

We love the GunVault SpeedVault for secure access at home.


Be sure to check out Concealed-Carry Collection - for more information on firearm safety, check out our Gun Safety Resources page!