Our Concealed Carry Pocket Specs

A woman practicing her aim at the gun range

When choosing the right bag to conceal carry it is essential to know whether or not your handgun of choice will fit into the bag you carry.

Our team has spent an extensive amount of time researching what size our concealed carry pockets should be so that the gun is secure when carrying, and still easy to retrieve if necessary. 



Our purses feature a 8.5” X 8.5” double zip pocket. You can see here, how both sides of the pocket unzip. This allows you to position the holster with the gun securely into the pocket.

Should you need to quickly access your gun, you unzip and grab the gun. The holster stays secure in the purse.  

Both zippers on the concealed carry pocket lock with a key, allowing the compartment to be secure when you do not need to access your handgun quickly.  

Recently we did a “draw” test on our different purses. The goal was to see how accessible it was to retrieve the gun quickly. The time varies depending on the style of the bag. Watch the video below to see a test showing of the bag!




Testing was done in a controlled environment at our local range by an experienced instructor. 

In order to achieve the skill of drawing quickly, like the instructor is doing in the video, it is highly encouraged to practice drawing your gun from your holster of choice, being on body or off body. 

Our local gun range, Texas Legends, has a female instructor that offers lessons in becoming proficient in drawing safely and confidently, regardless of your preferred carrying method.  

Check with your local range to ask if they offer similar training. 


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