Best Concealed Carry Methods for Women in 2023

Best Concealed Carry Methods for Women in 2023

Exploring the Best Concealed Carry Methods for Women: From Holsters to Purses

Concealed carry is an important aspect of personal safety for women. While holsters are commonly used for on-body carry, off-body carry with a purse offers a discreet and stylish option.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of off-body carry, specifically using a purse as a concealed carry method. We'll explore the benefits, considerations, and tips for safely and effectively utilizing a concealed carry purse.

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Off-Body Carry with a Purse

Off-body carry with a purse provides convenience and flexibility, allowing women to discreetly carry their firearms while keeping essential items at hand.
Consider the following aspects:

Purse Selection

When choosing a concealed carry purse, prioritize safety, functionality, and style.

Look for dedicated compartments with secure closures, such as lockable zippers or magnetic snaps, to ensure the firearm is safely stored and easily accessible only to you.

Firearm Compatibility

Ensure the purse you choose can accommodate your firearm securely.
Check the size of the concealed carry compartment, as well as any additional pockets or dividers that may help with organization and accessibility.

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Retention and Access

Look for purses with built-in retention systems, such as adjustable holsters or hook-and-loop straps, to keep the firearm in place and prevent accidental movement.

Consider purses that offer quick and easy access to the firearm without compromising safety.

Safety Considerations

Off-body carry with a purse comes with specific safety considerations that must be addressed to ensure responsible firearm handling.

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

Holstering the Firearm

Always holster the firearm securely within the dedicated compartment of the purse.

Ensure that the trigger guard is covered and that the firearm cannot shift or discharge accidentally.

Purse Awareness

Maintain constant awareness of your purse's location and the presence of your firearm.

Avoid setting the purse down or leaving it unattended in public spaces, as it contains a potentially lethal weapon.

Proper Storage

When not carrying the purse, store it securely in a locked compartment or safe to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the firearm is kept out of reach of children or unauthorized individuals.

Practical Tips for Off-Body Carry

To maximize the effectiveness of off-body carry with a purse, consider the following tips:

Familiarity and Practice

Regularly practice drawing and reholstering your firearm from the purse to build muscle memory and ensure smooth and efficient access when needed.


Select purses that blend well with your personal style while effectively concealing the presence of the firearm.

Choose patterns, colors, and materials that minimize printing and draw minimal attention.

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Purse Retention

Pay attention to the condition of your purse's straps, handles, and closures.
Replace worn or damaged components promptly to maintain the integrity of the concealed carry compartment.

Off-body carry with a purse offers women a discreet and stylish option for concealed carry. When utilizing a concealed carry purse, it's essential to prioritize safety, choose a suitable purse that accommodates your firearm securely, and follow responsible handling practices.

By combining style and self-defense, concealed carry purses allow women to navigate their daily lives confidently while maintaining their personal safety.

Remember to regularly review and update your off-body carry practices to ensure your continued preparedness and peace of mind.

Stay safe and empowered as you exercise your right to concealed carry.