So often our team is asked about our Muddy Girl merchandise and how that partnership works. 

crossbody muddy girl wallet

Muddy Girl is known for its bold combination of both pink and purple combined to create a sharp pink camo pattern.  Muddy Girl is more than a camo pattern; it is an expression of love for the outdoors by women.

Muddy Girl is a lifestyle camo for the outdoor hunter who also enjoys throwing on a cute pair of boots. Kinsey Rhea works to develop products for the outdoor and individuality of women. 

muddy girl conceal carry purse


Our Partnership with Muddy Girl

Kinsey Rhea is the exclusive licensee for Muddy Girl Camo (Vail Camo) for Handbags, Wallets, Bag and Accessories. Our team works with outdoor women enthusiasts on a regular basis to develop products that the Muddy Girl Women want.



Are you a Muddy Girl Woman and want to be a brand ambassador? Is there a product idea that you are looking for in the Muddy Girl pattern?

Let us know!

You can contact our team at info@kinseyrhea.com.