Shooting Sports from a Kid's Point of View

Shooting Sports from a Kid's Point of View

Not often do you see our children in blogs or photos. But my oldest daughter has grown an interest in outdoor sports since she has been able to participate in archery at Girl Scout Camp.

She has also started working on gun safety training and target shooting at an outdoor range at our farmhouse with her grandfather.  

So when Diva WOW asked Kinsey Rhea to be a part of their Spring Clinic for Women and Youth, we jumped at the opportunity for her to be a part of the day too.

So this week, Ava, my oldest is taking over the blog to give a kids perspective on the DIVA Wow Spring 2023 Outdoor Clinic.   


a little girl shooting a gun from a kids perspective

Ava Malfitano

10-year old participant of the 2023 Diva Spring Clinic

My Experience

The Diva Wow Spring Clinic was very informative however kept me wanting more.

Even though I am only 10 years old I still had a very eventful and exciting time learning about different gun and archery techniques. 

The instructors were all very knowledgeable about their weapons which were very helpful when learning new skills. 

The safety of others was always considered as well. In addition to that the organization and the event was well set up. 


In the following paragraphs, I will describe my experience with the Event.


All signed-up participants were given a schedule directing them where to go. 

After a quick briefing on gun safety, we all loaded up on provided golf carts that were waiting for our departure. 

My first station was a Beginner handgun. 2 people would go up at a time to shoot. I liked this feature because it allowed me to be able to have my space and have a cleaner shot. 

In addition to that, an instructor helped one person at a time which allowed me to get constructive feedback, and help me improve my skills. 

The same thing happened when I shot the Rifle, AR-15, and Shotgun.

I also did Archery and BB guns. I enjoyed archery very much even though it wasn’t one on one practice. 

I felt as though the feedback provided by the instructor improved my Archery skills a lot. 

In addition to simple targets those who felt confident enough could try harder targets. 

The safety features were well constructed as well. A chain was laid across the ground to signify not to cross until instructed otherwise. And everyone was given a good amount of space to shoot.

The BB gun was also very exciting. The instructors were very informative on how to shoot properly. 

I also was able to experiment 2 different types of BB guns. The safety was top notch as they provided safety wear, boundaries, and additional safety information about shooting. 


In conclusion, I had an amazing day and experienced many different guns and weapons.

After going to this event I learned not only that guns don’t have to be scary, but fun and a useful tool for life. I thought it was amazing that they provided a directory for kids and adults.

This well organized and designed event was one I will be looking forward to doing again and telling a lot of people about.

- Ava M.


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