Our USCCA Conference Experience

Different types of firearm laid out across table at gun range

Having access to resources is key in continuing education. At Kinsey Rhea we believe that education is the most important when it comes to Concealed Carry and guns.  

Recently the USCCA Conference + Expo was at the Fort Worth Convention Center and we had a chance to attend the event.

We spent the first day exploring the EXPO floor to see what new products were on the market, most specifically for women. It was refreshing to see that the EXPO offers an exclusive section that is just products geared for women who concealed carry.

There was also a speaking stage for speakers in the industry to speak on topics just specific for women. 

We find it so refreshing to see that an organization is putting a priority on the female gun carrier. Also on the expo floor were places for both LIVE and VIRTUAL gun ranges. The virtual gun range allowed us a change to truly get hyper focus on our aim, and work on technique in a new way.

But the best part of the conference was the educational component. They offer a variety of different classes for different skill levels and gender specific classes.

Beth Alcazar, the Editor & Chief of the Concealed Carry Magazine is the instructor on the women's courses. Her enthusiasm and passion truly show in her teaching.

During the conference we participated in the Women's Intermediate Handgun course where we went through a wealth of information specific to the female gun carrier.

The USCCA offers classes throughout the year and many different training resources, that you can check out on their website.

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