Issues You Might Be Unprepared For When Carrying a Firearm

Issues You Might Be Unprepared For When Carrying a Firearm

If you’re new to the world of concealed carry, chances are you come into it with a certain amount of preconceptions. Even if you’ve been around guns for years, the decision to carry comes with a few caveats to consider.


Here are some surprising things you may discover about carrying a firearm.


You Become More Aware of Your Surroundings

When you’re carrying, you become hyper-aware of your own presence and of everything around you. You find yourself looking at other people differently.

Suddenly you’re curious about who else might be carrying, what threats others may pose, and being aware of your exits.

Being aware and vigilant is a huge part of personal safety – carrying definitely heightens those senses.


Most People Don’t Notice

It’s smart to do as much as you can to keep your firearm concealed.

However, you’ll quickly realize that most people don’t even notice. Those that do are likely concealed carry license holders who recognize the subtle behaviors that indicate you’re carrying rather than notice your purse is a concealed carry bag or that you have a holster.


You May Want More Options

Don’t underestimate the importance of having options. There may be times when you want to on-body carry, and times you don’t.

Having the right belt, holster or purse that supports the weight of your gun and stays stable and secure is key.

When you want to off-body carry in a bag (our preference), security and accessibility are the primary concerns.

Our concealed carry compartments have zippers on both sides, a reversible holster and keyed zipper locks. The locks keep your weapon secure while allowing quick access with practice.


Guns Are Heavy

No matter how light your gun is, it will quickly get heavier once you’ve loaded it up with cartridges.

Think of it this way: each loaded magazine weighs about the same as a roll of nickels. Imagine carrying several rolls of nickels around in your pocket, in addition to the weight of the firearm itself, and you’ll understand why it can be uncomfortable to carry.

Having the right options makes all the difference. Just like not every handgun is right for every gun owner, not every concealed carry solution will work for you. If something isn’t comfortable, it’s not the right solution.


Guns Don’t Make You a Hero

You’ll find that once you’re carrying, you’re less likely to engage in conflict with others.

That’s because if the conflict escalates and you do have to use your firearm, you are aware of how devastating the potential consequences can be to yourself and to others.


But at the end of the day, carrying a firearm can make you more knowledgeable, responsible, and self-reliant. There’s a reason more and more women are choosing to carry.

We hope you never have a reason to draw your weapon off the range, but if you do, we hope that you carry with confidence no matter what life throws your way.

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