Highlights from the 154th NRA Convention

Highlights from the 154th NRA Convention

This past weekend, the Kinsey Rhea team had the incredible opportunity to attend the 154th NRA Convention in Dallas, Texas. As a Dallas-based company, it was a special experience to showcase our products right here in our hometown.

The event was truly impressive, with a vast expo floor and a wide array of classes and seminars available to attendees.

Top 3 Reasons Why We Loved This Show and What We Learned


The convention was filled with amazing individuals. We had the chance to introduce many attendees to Kinsey Rhea products and listen to their concealed carry stories.

This face-to-face interaction was invaluable, allowing us to better understand consumer needs and preferences in concealed carry accessories.


The show provided a fantastic opportunity to see what other products are on the market. Several female-owned businesses caught our attention.

For instance, Safely is launching a new pepper spray product that every woman should have in her purse, especially runners. We also met Lisa from FlashBang and saw her on-body holster designed specifically for women, which was very impressive.


The family aspect of the show was particularly heartwarming. Many families, spanning multiple generations, were present to learn and support our Second Amendment rights.

Our own family enjoyed the last day of the convention by attending the NRA Youth Day event, making it a memorable experience for all.


Attending the NRA Convention was a highlight for Kinsey Rhea. We left feeling inspired and connected to a community that values safety, empowerment, and family.

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