Gifts For Busy Moms - Christmas Edition

Gifts For Busy Moms - Christmas Edition

It feels like the kids were just starting back to school, and now I'm already organizing our staff Christmas Party while brainstorming gifts for busy moms. 

As the years go by, time seems to fly faster, and here we are, gearing up for the holiday season. 

This reality became apparent when we received three different toy catalogs in the mail this week.

My kids are over the moon and have started meticulously penning their Christmas lists, brimming with enthusiasm and hope. 

And just the other day, my husband, with an almost boyish grin, handed me his list - not of whimsical desires, but rather, truck parts he'd love to find wrapped under the Christmas tree. 

It dawned upon me then: shouldn't mom have a Christmas list too?

Throughout the year, I've noticed that I, like many mothers, seldom indulge in self-pampering. 

We are often so engrossed in taking care of everyone else that we forget ourselves. 

But the festive season is as good a time as any to allow ourselves a bit of luxury, even if it's just on paper for now. 

So, after some reflection, I've curated a list of the top 5 items I've been secretly (or not-so-secretly) eyeing this holiday season.


Running Gear

This Christmas, I have a special wish list item that's essential for my upcoming half marathon training journey. 

It's all about upgrading my running gear, and I've got my eyes set on Alexo Athletica's black 7/8 Carry Wear Leggings

These leggings not only promise the comfort and support I need for those grueling training sessions but also offer functionality that aligns with my personal safety measures. 

As a bonus, I've added the Flextech Pocket Holster to my wish list. 

With this holster, I can ensure my safety while I focus on achieving my running goals. 

These items would be the perfect gifts, blending style, performance, and peace of mind as I embark on my journey to conquer the pavement in the upcoming half marathon.


There is a special item on my wish list, and it's a piece of jewelry that holds deep sentimental value. 

I've always been drawn to simplicity when it comes to jewelry, and I find that 90% of the time, the pieces I choose have either a functional purpose or a profound sentimental connection. 

This year, I've discovered a truly meaningful addition to my collection—an Oak and Luna letter necklace

What makes it particularly special is the opportunity to customize it with my daughter's first initials. 

This personalized touch elevates it to the very top of my wish list, as it embodies the love and connection I share with my child, making it a cherished keepsake that I'll hold close to my heart.



Next up on my list is a  delightful selection of beauty essentials that I have been dreaming about. 

First up, there's a bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance perfume

I am a person of habit, and the timeless allure of this fragrance has always captivated me, also doesn’t trigger my allergies (weird, I know). 

Recently I ran out of my favorite scent, and receiving a fresh bottle of Romance would be a welcome gift, adding a touch of elegance to her daily routine. 

Another beauty treasure that has captured my heart is Drybar. 

I have fallen head over heels for the perfect blowout experience, and that's why I am wishing for the Drybar Single Shot Blowout Kit. 

With this kit, I can achieve salon-worthy hair at home, ensuring that every day is a great hair day. 

These beauty items are not just presents; they are moments of self-care and confidence that would make these Christmas gifts extra special.


one woman sitting while the other woman is blow drying her hair


Spa Day with my Friends

This Christmas, all I'm wishing for is a much-needed spa day with my dearest friends. 

As a busy mom on the go, there's nothing quite like the thought of unwinding, pampering ourselves, and sharing laughs with those who mean the most to me. 

But on top of the spa day, there's one gift that would truly make my holiday season sparkle - a gift card for Dry Bar. 

It's become my newfound indulgence, and I can't get enough of the luxurious experience. 

There's just something incredibly relaxing about having someone massage your scalp, wash your hair, and then work their magic to style it into a stunning blowout that makes you feel like a million dollars. 

The best part? It lasts for several glorious days, adding a touch of confidence and glamor to my everyday life. 

So, this Christmas, I'm dreaming of spa days and fabulous hair, surrounded by friends who make my world brighter.


Donation to Organization

In the spirit of the holiday season, my husband's words resonate deeply: "I would give the shirt off my back to someone in need." 

I have always been a giving person, especially with my time and therefore decided to ask for something a little different for Christmas—a donation to two organizations that hold a special place in my hearts. 

As I've passionately voiced before, Kinsey Rhea has a brand that tirelessly supports the ongoing fight for women's 2A rights. 

Beyond that, our home is a haven of support for local organizations dedicated to aiding homeless single mothers to end the cycle of homelessness and offering a helping hand to our first responders facing mental health challenges. 

Shiloh Place, is an organization located in our home town that is a ministry that comes alongside and deeply invests in single mothers, providing them with the education and skills needed to end the cycle of poverty for their family for generations to come.

The second organization, 3FTL, has been a blessing to our family, providing essential support and guidance to first responders seeking help for their mental well-being. 

This holiday season, our Christmas list is simple—donations to these two incredible organizations that are making a difference in our community.


To All The Incredible Busy Moms Out There, I Want To Leave You With This Heartfelt Message: 

While it's beautiful to prioritize your family, never forget to prioritize yourself as well. 

Whether you're yearning for a tangible gift or simply some precious quiet time with a cup of tea, always remember that you deserve those special treats, not just during the festive season but throughout the entire year. 

Let's raise our cups to our wish lists and the moments that make us feel cherished. 

And hey, if a Kinsey Rhea bag happens to be on your wish list this year, don't hesitate to drop some hints for your loved ones, and remind them to use code KRWISHLIST to enjoy a generous 30% discount on the bag of your choice this holiday season. 

You deserve it!